Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Authors K-M

Kate Lutter (Blog)
Wild Point Island

Kathryn Lively (Blog)
The Rock and Roll Mysteries: Rock Deadly: Book 1
The Rock and Roll Mysteries: Rock Til You Drop: Book 2
The Girl With the Monkey Tattoo

Katie O'Sullivan (Blog)
Son of a Mermaid

Kayla Curry (Blog)
Ruby: A Mystic Stones Jewel
Mystic Stones Series: Obsidian: Book 1
Falling Leaves: The Complete Three Story Collection
Journey in an Unknown Land: A Short Story
Oomph!: A Short Story
Vibe: Grey Apathy: Book 1

Kerri Cuevas (Blog)
Deadly Kisses

Kimberly Gould (Blog)
Never Say Die
Thickness of Blood
Cargon: Honour and Privilege: Book 1
Cargon: Duty and Sacrifice: Book 2

Kirstin Pulioff (Blog)
The Escape of Princess Madeline: Book 1
The Battle for Princess Madeline: Book 2

Kiru Taye (Blog)
Challenge Series: A Valentine Challenge: Book 1
Challenge Series: An Engagement Challenge: Book 2

Kristi C Anderson (Blog)
Kissing Frogs: Tall Tales and Insights from the Dating Pond

Krystalyn Drown (Blog)
Spirit World

Kyra Dune (Blog)
Flight of Dragons
Shadow of the Dragon
Shadow Born: Time of Shadows Series: Book 1
Shadow Prince: Time Of Shadows Series: Book 2
Elfblood Trilogy: Elfblood: Book 1
Elfblood Trilogy: The Silver Catacombs: Book 2
Firebrand: Firebrand Trilogy: Book 1
Ten Kingdoms: Firebrand Trilogy: Book 2

L. Blankenship (Blog)
Disciple: Part 1
Disciple: Part 2

L. R. Wright (Blog)
Basement Level 5: Never Scared

L. V. Lewis (Blog)
The Ghetto Girl Romance Quadrilogy: Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever: Book 1
The Ghetto Girl Romance Quadrilogy: Exit Strategy: Book 2

Lara Schiffbauer (Blog)
The Adven Realm Adventures: Finding Meara: Vol. 1

Lauren Grimley (Blog)
Alex Crocker Seer Series: Unknown: Short Story
Alex Crocker Seer Series: Unforeseen: Book 1
Alex Crocker Seer Series: Unveiled: Book 2
Apply Liberally

Leigh Ellwood (Blog)
The Vectran Chronicles: Bittersweet: Book 2
Coming Together: Girl on Girl

Lillian MacKenzie Rhine (Blog)
Memoirs of a Succubus

Lily Bishop (Blog)
No Strings Attached

Linda Bolton (Blog)
Take 2

Lindsey Gray (Blog)
Lies Inside
The Redemption Series: Redemption: Book 1
The Redemption Series: Revisited: Book 2

Liss Thomas (Blog)
Guardians of Esurack: Finding Monsters: Book 1
Guardians of Esurack: Hidden Monsters: Book 2

Lissa Bryan (Blog)
Romantic Interludes
The End of All  Things

Liz Long (Blog)
Gifted, A Donovan Circus Novel
Witch Hearts

Lucie Smoker (Blog)

Lynda Hilburn (Blog)
Vampires! A Bundle of Bloodsuckers
Undead in the City
Diary of a Narcissistic Bloodsucker
Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist Series: The Vampire Shrink: Book 1
Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist Series: Blood Therapy: Book 2
Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist Series: Devereux: The Night Before Kismet
Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist Series: Unil Death Do Us Part

Lynda Kaye Frazier (Blog)
Rescued from the Dark

M Pepper Langlinais (Blog)
The K-Pro
St. Peter in Chains

M. Pax (Blog)
The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear

M.L. Weaver (Blog)
The Lightness of Dust

Marcelle Liemant (Blog)
Purple Rocks

Maren Dille (Blog)
Tale of Two Cemeteries
The Treehouse
Wonderstruck: "The Pastiche"
The Faith and Fate of David Ghent

Margaret Taylor (Blog)
The Layren Series: Wolf's Paradox: Book 1
The SpiCorp Series: A First Love Never Dies: Book 1

Marie Landry (Blog)
The Game Changer
Blue Sky Days
Waiting for the Storm

Marisa Cleveland (Blog)
The Valentine Challenge

Marquita Herald (Blog)
Inspirational Words of Wisdom for Challenging Times
Stepping Stones to a Greater Resilience
Beyond Your Book: A Practical Guide to Building a Loyal Audience
Boost Your eBook Sales Success

Marsha Canham (Blog)
The Robin Hood Trilogy: Through A Dark Mist: Book 1
The Robin Hood Trilogy: In The Shadow of Midnight: Book 2
The Robin Hood Trilogy: The Last Arrow: Book 3

Marshall Best (Blog)
The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo: Guiamo: Book 1
The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo: Cumoro: Book 2
The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo: Morlanos: Book 3
The Chronicles of Guaimo Drumius Stolo: Inis Emain Ablach: Book 4

Maryann Miller (Blog)
Open Season
Play it Again, Sam
The Wisdom of Ages
One Small Victory
Boxes for Beds

Meg Mims (Blog)
Santa Paws
Double Crossing
Double or Nothing

Megan S. Johnston (Blog)
Transition: The Chimera Hunters: Book 1

Melissa Ann Goodwin (Blog)
The Christmas Village

Michael Brookes (Blog)
An Odd Quartet (Horror)
Mitchell & Morton: Faust 2.0: Book 1 (Horror)
The Third Path: The Cult of Me: Book 1 (Horror)
The Third Path: Conversations in the Abyss: Book 2(Horror)

Michelle Birbeck (Blog)
The Keepers' Chronicles: The Last Keeper: Book 1
The Keepers' Chronicles: A Glimpse Into Darkness: Book 1.1
The Keepers' Chronicles: Last Chance: Book 2

Michelle Cameron (Blog)
Emily's Ronda Romance

Millie Burns (Blog)
Return of the Crown

Mindy Killgrove (Blog)
The Missy Lawrence Series: Meet Me at the Pond: Book 1
The Missy Lawrence Series: Meet Me at the Fountain Park: Book 2

Miranda Thomason (Blog)
On the Mercy of the World

Misty Moncur (Blog)
Stripling Warrior Series: Daughter of Helaman: Book 1
Stripling Warrior Series: Stripling Warrior: Book 2

ML Guida (Blog)
Sinful Delights
Betrayal: Angels of Death

Mona Karel (Blog)
Teach Me to Forget
My Killer My Love

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