About Blogger Book Fair/Contact Us

I founded Blogger Book Fair in June 2012. The first Blogger Book Fair was held July 26th through July 29th. Unfortunately, this site wasn't quite ready to host it yet, so the first was hosted from my other blog: Paranormal Lounge at www.paranormallounge.blogspot.com

Blogger Book Fair is like a blog hop. It is held every six months and showcases authors and their books. Participating blogs will have giveaways, discounts, and other events you can't find anywhere else.

Blogger Book Fair does not discriminate against author, book, genre or publisher. Indie authors are welcomed and encouraged! We will accept any title be it print or e-book. Novels, novellas, short stories, anthologies, poetry and collections are all able to be promoted at Blogger Book Fair. Fiction and non-fiction are both accepted.

At Blogger Book Fair we are all about free promotion. We do not charge fees for entering the fair and we do not take money from authors wanting to promote their work. We strive to be equal to all. That is why we personally match you to other authors according to genre. You will exchange posts with as many authors as you are comfortable with hosting.

Bloggers can participate too! If you are not an author and you have a blog, you can participate by hosting an author or by hosting an event. (Or both!)

The organizers are:
Kayla Curry: Head Organizer
Fel Wetzig: Events Manager
Pereza Thompson: Promotion Manager

You can contact me, Kayla Curry at bloggerbookfair@gmail.com. Please only contact me about Blogger Book Fair business on this e-mail address. Thanks!


  1. Silly me! I don't see a sign up tab anywhere!
    Is there one hidden somewhere?

    1. Oh gosh! Sorry! I took it down for the fair. but if you send me an email at bloggerbookfair@gmail.com I will put you on the list to be notified when sign ups open up again!

  2. Thanks - I just emailed you too, to signup for my newly released book, SOLITARY DESIRE.