Saturday, September 29, 2012

Book Theater

During the fair this year, I will be offering participants the opportunity to put their book trailer in the Book Theater page of this blog (It will be up during and for a week or two after the fair.)

In the Book theater, guests can watch book trailers for participating books and click on links that will take them to that book on Amazon.

If you are a particpant and would like to add your book trailer to the Book Theater, please send me the embed code from YouTube and a link to your book on Amazon. You must be a participant so be sure to sign up before or when you do this.

Trailers will be arranged alphabetically by name of book.

On a side note, if you don't have a book trailer and would like one, I make simple ones for low prices. You can see the trailer I made for Obsidian and prices on The Pepper Press Author Services page.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Okay. Here is what you need to do to officially sign up for Blogger Book Fair.

To sign up please send this info to me at bloggerbookfair (at) gmail (dot) com by December 31, 2012.

  • Name
  • Title of all books you would like to enter--there is no limit to number of titles or genre--AND three genres each book can be listed under.
  • Link to your blog or link to the main blog you will be featured on. (If you don't have one of your own please find one through the Goodreads group before signing up.
  • If you will be or would like to hold any events on your blog.
  • Name
  • Types of books you would like to feature, list of books/authors you plan to feature, and/or an event you would like to feature.
  • Link to your blog
I will also need a list of authors that are being featured on each blog. I will leave this up to the owner of each blog and I need this list by January 15th.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Winter 2013 Blogger Book Fair Anouncement!

The Winter Blogger Book Fair will be held February 7th through February 10th.

The theme for this fair will be: The World for a Shilling!

The phrase originates from the Great Exhibition of 1851, in which countries from all over the world converged in London for an exhibition of works industry, art and culture. The exhibition was organized by Prince Albert and Henry Cole along with many others and a large amount of support from Queen Victoria.

The phrase: The World for a Shilling came about when the entrance fee for the fair dropped down to one shilling. People of the working class could get into the exhibition without breaking the bank and see things from around the world. I chose this theme because as authors we are like the many countries who came together to show their work to the world and because with each book we open, we step into a new world.

In going with the theme, compared to 1851, a shilling is worth about $5 in today's standards. Because of this, any books going for $5 or less will receive a special spotlight on the Book Catalog Page during the fair.

Sign-ups for the Fair will be held from October 1st to December 31st.

Author Sign-up:
Your name, the books you plan to enter along with three genres associated with each book, a link to each book on amazon, and a link to your author blog if you will be using your own. If you do not have an author blog and need a host blog please go to the Goodreads Group and find one to host you on the Bloggers seeking Authors thread, or post on the Authors seeking Bloggers thread. Also, if you are hosting an event on your blog include a brief description of the event.

Blogger Sign-up:
Blogger name, authors and/or events you are hosting, link to blog. If you are without an author and want to host one, please use the links above.

*If you are an author with a blog just follow the Author sign-up instructions, no need to sign up twice.

Remember that each participating blog must hold a giveaway. Notification of the giveaway or giveaways you plan to hold is due by January 15th. For this I just need to know what's being given away and where.

Also due on January 15th, from each participating blog is a list of the authors that are being hosted on that blog and the books being featured.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Announcing an Announcement

That's right. I'm announcing that I'll be making an announcement on September 21st, right here.

I'll be announcing the official dates and theme for the Winter 2013 Blogger Book Fair!

So be sure to come back, and don't forget about the new Goodreads Group!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blogger Book Fair Goodreads Page

Blogger Book Fair now has a Goodreads Group! Join up and add your book to the shelf if you've participated or want to participate in the next one!

There will also be news on sign-ups and discussion, The Adopt an Author program runs from this group as well.