Supporters of BBF!

These people have donated to the BBF fund for advertising and prizes!

So far, we've raised $50 for Blogger Book Fair!

If you'd like to donate, you will get a book spine on this page with your name on it, and if you want, we'll put your actual book spine just below it! You can also put a button on your blog to let others know you support BBF!

Green level: $1-$5

Blue level: $6-$10

Purple level: $11-$20

Red level: $21-$30

Orange level $31-$40

Silver level $41-$50

Gold level: $51 and up!

To donate, click on the donate button in the upper left-hand panel of this site.

After you donate, if you'd like to be featured on this page and get your book spine and blog button, please email

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