Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pereza Thompson: Promotion Manager

Pereza born and raised in the great state of Texas until life led her to Oklahoma in 2011. She currently works full time as a Medical Coder for an area hospital. She has three beautiful children and a wonderful man. In her spare time she enjoys reading and genealogy, and of course, blogging. Horror movies are her absolute favorite! Her all time favorite author is Stephen King.

Pezz Rambles:

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fel Wetzig: Events Manager

Fel Wetzig is a paranormal writer, book blogger, and lover of folklore. After completing an MA in History, she'd had enough of the real world and armed with a fountain pen, she started writing fiction and building a blog with the Peasants who live in her head. When not wrapped up in fantasy worlds, she's usually at the day job designing publications, or relaxing with her husband and two erratic ferrets.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cover Reveal for BBF Reader's Choice Awards Winner, Curtain Call by Nathan Squiers!

Today, we're doing a cover reveal! It's the new cover for Curtain Call: A Death Metal Novel by Nathan Squiers. It won in two categories at the last Blogger Book Fair Reader's Choice Awards for Occult and Paranormal Thriller! Check it out, read the blurb, and follow the link to pre-order a signed copy!

A promising career in the music industry was on the horizon for up-and-coming heavy metal band, Bloodtones. Even for their non-human members, this is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Yes, life was good… until it took a hellish turn.


After a bizarre encounter, Bloodtones' lead-singer Bekka finds herself sharing her body with a slew of terrified beings and in mortal danger from wraithlike forces capable of superhuman feats.

When fans can be otherworldly assassins and every mood-swing can end in an exploding amp, Bloodtones' rock-solid future is rapidly crumbling before their very eyes. What hope do the five have against a force that neither their magic or paranormal members can begin to explain? With no choice but to fight, Bekka and her band-mates soon find themselves struggling for not only their music…

… but their very lives.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stay updated on BBF news! Follow Us!

Here's a post with links to all the places you can find us! P.S. Don't forget to follow us here on the blog where the action takes place!

Facebook: (For participants and attendees! This Facebook page will provide links to posts, giveaways and maybe even have a giveaway or two going on there during the BBF. Anyone can see what we're up to by liking the page!)

Twitter: (For anyone who wants to keep tabs on the BBF.)

Google+ Community: (Mainly for participants, but we'll welcome anyone)

Goodreads Group: (Mainly for participants, but we'll welcome anyone)

If you have any questions about the BBF please feel free to send us an email at

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Event! Reader's Choice Awards hosted by Sherri at Shut Up & Read

Sherri at Shut Up & Read will be once again hosting the Reader's Choice Awards!

All books signed up for the Blogger Book Fair will automatically be entered into the contest.
  •  Each book will be listed by categories according to the information given by the author.
  • Throughout the book fair,  everyone can stop by the Shut Up & Read blog between July 22 and July 25 and vote via blog poll for their favorite book. You can vote for one book from each category.
  • At the end of the contest, votes will be tallied and a winner will be announced for each category.
Winners will receive a book fair winner web badge to display on their blogs. 

Sherri has hosted this event for the last two book fairs, and is looking for ways to improve the contest. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Event! Snapshot Synopsis Contest hosted by Fel at The Peasants Revolt

Get your 50 word synopsis ready! Fel will be hosting the Snapshot Synopsis Contest at The Peasants Revolt.

  • To keep things feasible, this will be limited to 1 entry per author, but authors from any and all genres are welcome. 
  • Participants can enter by sending their name, the title of the book, 50 word (or less) synopsis, and one link to Fel Wetzig with the subject Snapshot Synopsis July 2013
  • The entry deadline is July 8.
  • From July 22-25, voting will be open for everyone to choose the best snapshot synopsis. 
  • On July 26, the winner of the contest will be featured on The Peasants Revolt. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Event! Flash Fiction Challenge II hosted by Thomas Winship

Entrants will craft a flash fiction piece of approx 500 words based on the rules below. Entries will be displayed on Thomas' blog Vaempires during the BBF, spread out evenly across the five days, in order of receipt.

The Flash Fiction rules:
  • All entries must begin with the opening provided
  • Length - approximately 500 words
  • No erotica
  • No promoting hate, prejudice, abuse, etc.
  • Entries accepted through 7/18. Submit as Word doc (HTML ready is appreciated). Include links for:
    • Website/blog
    • FB
    • Twitter
    • Goodreads
    • You can include more, but I can’t guarantee I’ll use them. Some people are positively link-happy.

Here’s the opening:

The third time’s the charm. I had heard it often enough—that or something like it—but it wasn’t until that long summer of ’76 that I actually understood it.

I still don’t know if that was the greatest summer of my life … or the worst.”

Participants may email their entries to Thomas

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Event! Three Wishes hosted by Kirstin Pulioff

Introduce your characters in the "Three Wishes" event hosted by Kirstin Pulioff at The Literary Closet. Answer the following question from the perspective of your main character, and Kirstin will highlight your answer and either your webpage or buy link.

The Question: If you found a magic genie lamp, what would be your three choices?

To participate, mail your answer and link to Kirstin.

The event will take place on 7/22.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Event! Art Fiction Gala hosted by Lucie Smoker! Sign up!

Submit using the contact form at

1) Send 50 words or less about how your published* work of fiction promotes the visual arts--through featuring an artist, painting, sculpture, performance art, etc. It must involve the visual arts--the crossover between literary and visual arts is the focus of the event. Music is not the focus unless it also involves ballet or some other form of dance as a primary inspiration for the fiction)

2) Send a pdf or any e-book link with a free, substantial sample of your work, minimum 3 pages.  You may also include a buy link.  Note that this is family art event so while some nudity/violence is acceptable, it must be such that would be appropriate for an R-rated film.  No hard-core or erotica, please.

3) Send a link to a photo of you, your book, the art that inspired it--or all three-"dressed up" as for a gala.  Again, these photos should be family-appropriate, less nudity accepted here and only if key to the art theme in your book.

* The purpose of this event is to promote fiction that highlights the visual arts.  As such, the work must be published, self or traditional, and available to the public.  If a book is to be published in the next three months, you may include a public pdf link which readers can access free or with a substantial sample (minimum 3 pages).

ARTISTS: As a side-event, I will host a gallery of art featuring reading. This is for serious artists who were in some way inspired by literature.
 Submit a brief description and photo link to the address above. Links only, no attachments.  I will be featuring small to mid-sized imges on my site, but will link to your larger image.  Again keep in mind that this is a family-friendly blog, so while some nudity and violence is acceptable, as is featured there currently, I reserve the right to decline works I consider inappropriate for my blog.

Monday, April 15, 2013

BBF All-in-One Announcement!

Okay! Lot's going on in the upcoming BBF, means we have a lot to announce! First, I'd like to thank my fellow organizers for agreeing to help me out. They are Fel Wetzig, Julie Flanders and Pereza Thompson. Each one will be playing a very important role in the upcoming BBF!

Next, I'd like to announce the dates and theme of the next BBF. The dates are July 22nd through July 26th, so mark your calendars! The theme will be Book your Trip! We'll be using the line, "Check-in to the Blogger Book Fair Resort, and BOOK your trip to Far Away Places!"

You can "Grab" this button on the right side panel>>>

Since the BBF is getting so big, we've developed a Code of Conduct which must be read before signing up for the BBF.

Our next announcement is that sign ups are now open, so you can head over to the sign up page after reading the Code of Conduct, and fill out the forms. There are a few different forms over there. Here is an explanation of the different forms:

The Author Sign Up Form: Deadline is June 15th
One of the major changes we made is that you MUST have a blog to participate. We feel that it is the most fair way to make sure everyone gets exposure. If you don't have a blog, I highly recommend getting one. The BBF is the perfect event to get followers to a new or old blog.

We are also manually assigning people to their hosts/guests. On the sign up form, you will be asked how many spots you would like to open up to other authors on your blog, this will reflect the number of times you are hosted as well. Keep in mind how much work you can take on. You will be able to request to work with certain authors and we will try to meet those requests, but we CAN'T GUARANTEE anything.

The Book Blogger Sign Up Form: Deadline is June 15th
This form is for book bloggers who want to participate by hosting authors. You'll be asked some questions and your blog will be a bonus to any author you take on. You will also be asked if you'd like to review books specifically for the BBF.

The Event Sign Up Form: Deadline is July 8th
This form is if you want to host an event on your blog. Events can be contests, mini-features, mini-interviews, or anything you can think of. The event must be open to all participants, but it can be genre specific.

The Free and $.99 Book Sign Up Forms: Deadline is July 15th
Your free or $.99 book must be free or $.99 during the entire fair if you fill out this form. It is not required that you do this. These forms are simply to help us get the word out for you. If your book will only be free during part of the fair, you may fill out the giveaway form.

The Giveaway Sign Up Form: Deadline is July 15th
The giveaway form is also on the sign up page. Giveaways are no longer required. They are encouraged, since it will drive traffic to your blog, but again, not required.

Our last order of business is the BBF Donation Fund. To help get the word out about BBF, we would like to place ads on Facebook, Goodreads and other places, but to do, so we need a little help. We'd also like to have some BBF sponsored giveaways, so money donated would also go toward prizes. NO MONEY WILL BE KEPT BY ANY ORGANIZER OR PARTICIPANT.

We also have a page dedicated to people who donate. you can get a book spine in your name and your actual book spine placed on the supporters page, along with this lovely button for your blog!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Code of Conduct

Blogger Book Fair Code of Conduct

Blogger Book Fair is a fun event, but it should also be taken seriously. There are many participating authors who make their money from the books they sell. To them, this is their business. It is essential, that even if you are a “hobby” writer, that you are professional when dealing with the other authors. Listed below is the code of conduct that every BBF author and blogger must agree to before being allowed to participate.

Blogger Book Fair is hard work, and although things are getting simplified every time it is held, it still involves work. If you don’t want to do a lot of work, then please do not sign up. This fair is for professionals only. Treat it as you would a real book fair or national conference with very important clients attending.

When writing and answering emails, please conduct yourself professionally. This means acting like the person you are emailing is an important business contact—because essentially, that’s what they are. If you build a more casual relationship with them, during the fair, that's fine, but don't assume that everyone wants to start out your first contact with a casual email. You must treat the other participants with respect.

You are matched with other authors according to the genres you write in and the type of content you are willing to provide and host. These authors deserve your full attention. Do not take on more than you are comfortable with. When you sign up, tell me how many spots you will have open on your blog during the fair, this will also be the number of times you are hosted on other blogs.

When providing content to a host, please be clear and precise. Follow any and all directions on interviews or post templates provided by your host. If you do not provide your host with the correct information, do not expect to be hosted. Read through their emails and documents they send you.

When hosting authors, please tell them exactly what they need to provide. If they fail to provide the information, send one reminder to them that tells them what they missed or clarifying your instructions. If they do not respond, or respond poorly, please report the situation to head organizer, Kayla Curry.

Please be respectful of deadlines. If you have missed the current fair, please sign up to be notified of the next one by sending an email to All sign up form deadlines are important, so be sure to mark them on your calendar.

Blogger Book Fair will only contact your email for Blogger Book Fair business.

This list is subject to change, and the organizers will update as they see fit.