Saturday, December 29, 2012

Authors and Bloggers! Get More Visibility Now!



Whether you are an author or a blogger – a lot of the same rules apply … you need a following!

The Blogger Book Fair is your answer! This is the event where you have the opportunity to reach thousands of fans – or potential fans.

With bloggers and authors teaming up to offer giveaways or discounts – You can gain a following!

Bloggers get new readers …And authors do too! Bloggers host an author, do an interview, showcase the author’s works! It’s beneficial to both!

This year the Blogger Book Fair runs from February 7th – 10th.

Hurry and get your name on the list before it’s too late!

Authors – why continue to go under the radar? When you can join the Blogger Book Fair and get the exposure that you need!

Go NOW to the Blogger Book Fair Sign-Up page

Bloggers … You too can join in the fun! Go to the Adopt An Author Program page to jump on this speeding train – Hurry before the train leaves the platform!

Copywrite of promo by Jacob Donley

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