Monday, June 17, 2013

Event! Dream Cast hosted by Victoria at Love in a Book

Victoria at Love in a Book asks:

Who is your dream cast to play the hero, heroine and any secondary roles in your novel?

Victoria grew up on movies. She's seen them all, and knows what its like never having to rent a movie because her dad already owned it in the video library, cataloged by year, genre and title.

All authors can participate with as many entries as desired and entries will be posted through the week of the Fair. There will be voting on best movie premise, hottest actors, best all star cast, most enticing scene (author sent) and other categories. If enough there are enough entries, we can separate by genres.

Voting will take place on her site throughout the week and winners will be announced at the end of the book fair.

Authors must send cast list, movie premise, scene and YouTube trailer to Victoria before July 15th.

She needs time to set everything up, and no last minute additions can be promised.

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