Monday, February 4, 2013

David J. Kirk

David J. Kirk is the author of the young adult science fiction novel, Particular Stones. He will also feature Sandra Perez-Gluschankoff on his blog during the fair. read the blurb for Particular Stones below.

Particular Stones:

Imagine growing up without family, kept in a dungeon-like
orphanage, charged with crimes you didn’t commit, while harassed and threatened by bullies.
Dan Kelley finds himself in such a place, alone in a society whose over reliance on science and technology has led to the near-extinction of the human race.
Dan and his friends face their challenges assuming the tactics of their tormentors, with fists flying. With their backs to the wall, they pull a strategic retreat into the wilderness where things are seen more clearly.
Realizing a more rational plan, redemption begins to unfold.
Join Dan on his journey down this fractured road as he overcomes
obstacles, finds love and compassion, and discovers himself with the help of a phenomenon the world has apparently forgotten about.

Available Now
Martin Sisters Publishing (All Available Formats)

Visit his blog for giveaways of Particular Stones by David J. Kirk and The Last Fernandez by Sandra Perez-Gluschankoff.

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