Monday, February 4, 2013

SJ Byrne

SJ Byrne is the author of My Butterfly. The novel is a dramatic women's fiction romance. Read the blurb below and then visit her blog where she'll host the authors listed below.

My Butterfly:

This book contains intense scenes of physical and mental abuse. It also explores sexual themes of a taboo nature.
Please do NOT purchase if you find such content disturbing or offensive.

Where do you turn when love becomes twisted enough to kill and desire is darker than death?
Where do you go when those you consider family blame you for the volatile episodes in your relationship?
Far Far Away!
Grateful for her aunt's generosity, Katherine Daniels leaves her failed marriage behind and heads to Scotland.
Reconnecting with an artistic talent she'd abandoned under the tyranny of her ex-husband, Katherine begins a journey of healing and self-transformation.

Finding love wasn't on her agenda, but what do you do when it finds you? Though she embraces the man who quickly steals her heart,
she's harboring a secret that just may shatter her fragile new existence. Witness one woman's emergence from the dark night of her soul in My Butterfly.

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She will be hosting these authors and their books on her blog during the fair:

Feb 7th - Sherry Soule and SM Boyce
Feb 8th - Wynne Channing and Shannon McRoberts
Feb 9th - Kimberly Gould and Mindy Kilgrove
Feb 10th - Rachel McClellan and TM Franklin

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