Friday, February 8, 2013

Events and posts today!

D. H. Aire hosts a guest post from Kyra Dune!

Alyssa Auch hosts Kirstin Pulioff and shows off the prizes she's giving away!

Jennifer M. Barry hosts Allison Blanchard on her blog:

Allison Blanchard hosts Sherry Soule's quiz and giveaway!

Jason Andrew Bond hosts some Haiku!

S. M. Boyce hosts some BBF authors:

Brandon R. Luffman hosts Cindy Young-Turner and more!

Angela Brown participate in the Books for a Buck Hop!

Lissa Bryan hosts Sherry Soule!

SJ Byrne hosts Shannon McRoberts and Wynne Channing!

Jade Kerrion guest posts on Becca J. Campbell's blog!

Louann Carroll talks about A Stiff Kiss by Avery Olive

Jennifer Carson hosts a cover contest!

J. M. Cataffo hosts Kayla Curry and announces a few FREE books.

Wynne Channing posts more Best and Worst. She also participate in the Books for a Buck Hop!

Noree Cosper hosts S. M. Boyce on her blog!

Kayla Curry asks authors This or That?

Kyra Dune hosts Noree Cosper on her blog!

Fel at The Peasants Revolt hosts Jade Kerrion!

Riley J. Ford talks about her book Carpe DiEmily and her bucket list!

John Forster give you a sneak peak of Pipit Di's book, The Time Machine.

Jami Gray hosts Rebecca Hamilton!

Rebecca Hamilton hosts Dan O'Brien and Angela Brown. She also participates in the Books for a Buck Hop!

A. Jarrell Hayes hosts Jade Kerrion on his blog!

Tom Immins interviews Alexandra Allred!

Brooklyn James hosts Mindy Killgrove!

Nikki Jefford hosts the Books for a Buck Hop!

Jade Kerrion hosts Kyra Dune and Becca Campbell. She also participates in the Books for a Buck Hop!

Mindy Killgrove hosts Brooklyn James on her blog!

Sydney Logan hosts Sherry Soule!

Kate Lutter hosts Dan O'Brien on her blog!

Jen McConnel hosts S.M. Boyce!

Shannon McRoberts has some book recommendations and more for you!

Dan O'Brien hosts Jade Kerrion!

Pereza hosts Allison Blanchard on Pezz Rambles!

Kirstin Pulioff hosts Andrea Buginsky and Shannon McRoberts!

Kelly Miller is hosted on Naimeless Blog!

Christie Rich hosts T.M. Franklin!

Rosanne Rivers hosts T.M. Franklin and S.M. Boyce!

Wendy Russo hosts a conversation with Dan O'Brien, Jade Kerrion, S.M. Boyce and Ansha Koytk!

Sheri at Shut Up and Read hosts Wynne Channing and the blog is also host to the BBF Reader's Choice Awards, so don't forget to vote!

Isabella Sinclair hosts Sandra Perez Gluschankoff and a giveaway!

Thomas Winship posts some more flash fiction and participates in the Books for a Buck Hop!

Cindy Young-Turner hosts excerpts from SJ Byrne and Isabella Sinclair!