Monday, February 4, 2013

Jennifer M. Barry

Jennifer M. Barry is the author of the contemporary novel Side Effects, the fantasy novels The Kingdom and Morning Star and the paranormal novel The Oraces of St. Ambrose: Going Under.  She writes for young adults and you can read the blurbs for each below. She also has a blog where you'll find her hosting authors during the BBF:

Side Effects:

High school can be Hell on Earth, a fact that Isaac Matthews knows all too well. How is a guy supposed to deal with Anxiety Disorder, adolescent hormones and college and career choices all at once?
On top of all that, he meets Grace—the beautiful, outgoing new girl who shakes his very foundation and grounds him at the same time.
What he does is try the medication that’s supposed to make him better, knowing that there’s a chance he could just get worse.
Warning: Side Effects may include increased heart rate, dry mouth, interrupted speech, elevated body temperature, and dizziness or lightheadedness upon seeing her smile.

Available Now

The Kingdom:

Trapped on Earth since the fall of Lucifer, Prince Rioghan has left thousands of broken hearts in his wake, and he wants Lily’s to be the next. His father, the High King of Fairies, expects Rioghan to behave like the royal he is, but the challenge Lily presents is too inviting. Accustomed to living in her famous mother's shadow, Lily guards her heart behind a prickly exterior. The harder she resists, the faster he falls, until she becomes the very center of his existence.
When Rioghan chooses love over the power of the throne, he infuriates his father and upsets the age-old balance between good and evil. A battle is coming--a fight to the death for true love, honor, and The Kingdom.

Availble Now

Morning Star (Follow up to The Kingdom):

The saga continues as Lily strikes out on her own in New York City. She must find the courage to pursue her dreams outside her mother’s shadow and without Rioghan, who has stayed behind in Ireland to claim his throne.  Before long, she begins to suspect that all is not well in the Big Apple. Frightening letters, mysterious new boys, and a gaggle of spiteful classmates threaten her sanity and, she fears, her life.

Recognizing the possible danger, Rioghan sends his trusted friends to guard his love, and the adventure really begins. Throughout beautiful New England, Lily finds America’s history is tightly tied to Ireland's.  New, dangerous creatures lurk in the darkness, commanded and controlled by an unseen foe. In a race against time, Rioghan and Lily learn once more love conquers all.

Coming Soon!

The Oraces of St. Ambrose: Going Under

A Young Adult Paranormal Novel. Coming Soon!

Jennifer will be hosting these books and authors on HER BLOG during the BBF:

Sydney Logan, author of Lessons Learned (Hosted by Jennifer on February 7th)
Allison Blanchard, author of Forget Me Not (Hosted on February 8th)
Kimberly Gould, Author of Thickness of Blood and the Cargon Series (Hosted on February 8th)
Michael Cargill, author of Underneath (Hosted on February 9th)
Dan O'Brien, author of various books in various genres (Hosted on February 9th)
David J. Kirk, author of Particular Stones (Hosted on February 10th)

There will be a giveaway of a $25 Amazon card and a $20 iTunes card to two lucky visitors. See the blog for more details!

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