Thursday, April 18, 2013

Event! Flash Fiction Challenge II hosted by Thomas Winship

Entrants will craft a flash fiction piece of approx 500 words based on the rules below. Entries will be displayed on Thomas' blog Vaempires during the BBF, spread out evenly across the five days, in order of receipt.

The Flash Fiction rules:
  • All entries must begin with the opening provided
  • Length - approximately 500 words
  • No erotica
  • No promoting hate, prejudice, abuse, etc.
  • Entries accepted through 7/18. Submit as Word doc (HTML ready is appreciated). Include links for:
    • Website/blog
    • FB
    • Twitter
    • Goodreads
    • You can include more, but I can’t guarantee I’ll use them. Some people are positively link-happy.

Here’s the opening:

The third time’s the charm. I had heard it often enough—that or something like it—but it wasn’t until that long summer of ’76 that I actually understood it.

I still don’t know if that was the greatest summer of my life … or the worst.”

Participants may email their entries to Thomas

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