Sunday, April 14, 2013

Code of Conduct

Blogger Book Fair Code of Conduct

Blogger Book Fair is a fun event, but it should also be taken seriously. There are many participating authors who make their money from the books they sell. To them, this is their business. It is essential, that even if you are a “hobby” writer, that you are professional when dealing with the other authors. Listed below is the code of conduct that every BBF author and blogger must agree to before being allowed to participate.

Blogger Book Fair is hard work, and although things are getting simplified every time it is held, it still involves work. If you don’t want to do a lot of work, then please do not sign up. This fair is for professionals only. Treat it as you would a real book fair or national conference with very important clients attending.

When writing and answering emails, please conduct yourself professionally. This means acting like the person you are emailing is an important business contact—because essentially, that’s what they are. If you build a more casual relationship with them, during the fair, that's fine, but don't assume that everyone wants to start out your first contact with a casual email. You must treat the other participants with respect.

You are matched with other authors according to the genres you write in and the type of content you are willing to provide and host. These authors deserve your full attention. Do not take on more than you are comfortable with. When you sign up, tell me how many spots you will have open on your blog during the fair, this will also be the number of times you are hosted on other blogs.

When providing content to a host, please be clear and precise. Follow any and all directions on interviews or post templates provided by your host. If you do not provide your host with the correct information, do not expect to be hosted. Read through their emails and documents they send you.

When hosting authors, please tell them exactly what they need to provide. If they fail to provide the information, send one reminder to them that tells them what they missed or clarifying your instructions. If they do not respond, or respond poorly, please report the situation to head organizer, Kayla Curry.

Please be respectful of deadlines. If you have missed the current fair, please sign up to be notified of the next one by sending an email to All sign up form deadlines are important, so be sure to mark them on your calendar.

Blogger Book Fair will only contact your email for Blogger Book Fair business.

This list is subject to change, and the organizers will update as they see fit.

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