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Authors A-D

A. J. Hayes (Blog)
30th Year Poetry (Poetry)

A. Jarrell Hayes (Blog)
Popular Television (Short Story Collection)
The Larorian Conflict (Fantasy)

A.E. Howard (Blog)
Flight of Blue: Keeper of the Keys Chronicles (Middle Grade, Fantasy)
Reginald's Tale: A Keeper of the Keys Story (Middle Grade, Fantasy)

A.K. Morgen (Blog)
The Ragnarok Prophecies: FADE: Book 1 (New Adult, Paranomal Romance, Urban Fantasy)

Adele Park (Blog)
Yikes! Another Quirky Audiobook (Humor)
Posting Schedule for BBF:
  • July 22 -- Tuan Ho
  • July 23 -- Thomas Lucas
  • July 24 -- Doug Rose
  • July 25 -- Charlie Bouche
AK Taylor (Blog)
The Newbie Author's Survival Guide (Non-Fiction, Writing)
Neiko Adventure Series: Neiko's Five Land Adventure: Book 1 (Young Adult, Fantasy, Action/Adventure)
Neiko Adventure Series: Escape from Ancient Egypt:Book 2 (Young Adult, Fantasy, Action Adventure)

Alberta Ross (Blog 1) (Blog 2)
The Fiddlin Feline, the Flea and the Frog (Short Story Collection, Fantasy)
A Patchwork of Perspectives (Short Story Collection)
The Sefuty Chronicles: Ellen's Tale: Part 1 (Science Fiction, Futuristic)
The Sefuty Chronicles: The Story Teller's Tale: Part 2 (Science Fiction, Futuristic)
The Sefuty Chronicles: Jack's Tale: Part 3 (Science Fiction, Futuristic)

Alexandria Rhodes (Blog)
More Than You Know (New Adult, Romance, Mystery)

Allie Jean (Blog)
Legacy of a Dreamer: Book 1 (Supernatural, Romance, Young Adult)

Allison Blanchard (Blog)
Forget Me Not: Forget Me Not Trilogy: Book 1 (Young Adult, Paranormal Romance)
BBF Posting Schedule:
  • Day One: Kirstin Pulioff
  • Day Two: Sydney Logan
  • Day Three: Jen Barry
  • Day Four: A.E. Howard
  • Day Five: Alyssa Auch

Allyson Lindt (Blog)
Bits and Bytes: Holding Her Close: Book 0 (Contemporary Romance)
Bits and Bytes: Conflict of Interest: Book 1 (Contemporary Romance)

Alyssa Auch (Blog)
Lunula (Fantasy, Young Adult, Action/Adventure)

Amos Cassidy (Blog)
Crimson Series: Crimson Midnight: Book 1 (Urban Fantasy, Paranormal)

Amy Saunders (Blog)
Dead Locked (Cozy Mystery, Humor, Chick-Lit)
The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries: Cliffhanger: Book 1 (Cozy Mystery, Humor, Chick-Lit)
The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries: Auf'd: Book 2 (Cozy Mystery, Humor, Chick-Lit)
The Jester's Apprentice (Mystery, Historical)
Biohazard (Mystery)
BBF Posting Schedule:

Andrea Buginsky (Blog)
The Chosen: The Chosen: Book 1 (Fantasy, Young Adult)
Nature's Unbalance: The Chosen: Book 2 (Fantasy, Young Adult)
My Open Heart (Non-Fiction)
BBF posting Schedule:
  • Monday, June 22: Author Spotlight/Interview, E.L. Adams
  • Wednesday, June 24: Author Spotlight/Interview, Maren Dille
  • Friday, June 26: Author Spotlight, Corey LaBissoniere
Andrea Goodson (Blog)
The Riverbend Trilogy: Riverbend: Book 1 (New Adult, Romantic Suspense)
The Riverbend Trilogy: Rapid Water: Book 2 (New Adult, Romantic Suspense)
The Riverbend Trilogy: Waking Tide: Book 3 (New Adult, Romantic Suspense)

Aoife Marie Sheridan
Saskia Trilogy: Eden Forest: Book 1 (Fantasy, Romance, Action/Adventure)

A. T. Glazki (Blog)
Life Under Examination (Poetry)
BBF posting Schedule:

Barbara Billig (Blog)
The Nuclear Catastrophe: A Fiction Novel of Survival (Suspense/Thriller, Survival)

Becca J. Campbell (Blog)
Foreign Identity (Science Fiction)
Gateway to Reality (Science Fiction)
Sub-Normal: Not the Norm: Book 1 (Short Story, Science Fiction)
Sub-Normal: Unmasked Alloy: Book 2 (Short Story, Science Fiction)

Beck Sherman (Blog)
Revamp (Horror, Paranormal)
Goodbye Nothing (Coming Soon)

Brandon R. Luffman (Blog)
Frostwalker (Horror, Survival Horror)
The Card (Short Story, Horror)

Brian Rathbone (Blog)
The World of Godsland: Call of the Herald: Book 1 (Fantasy, Young Adult, Action/Adventure)
The World of Godsland: Inherited Danger: Book 2 (Fantasy, Young Adult, Action/Adventure)
The World of Godsland: Dragon Ore: Book 3 (Fantasy, Young Adult, Action/Adventure)
The World of Godsland: Regent: Book 4 (Fantasy, Young Adult, Action/Adventure)
The World of Godsland: Feral: Book 5 (Fantasy, Young Adult, Action/Adventure)
The World of Godsland: Regal: Book 6 (Fantasy, Young Adult, Action/Adventure)

Brooklyn James (Blog)
Let It Go (Romance, Contemporary)
The Boots my Mother Gave Me (Coming of Age)
Get this Body in a Barn: The Milkmaid's Guide to Fitness (Non-Fiction, Fitness)
Vigilare: Vigilare: Book 1 (Science Fiction, Supernatural)
Vigilare: Hell Hound: Book 2 (Science Fiction, Supernatural)

Brynn Myers (Blog)
The Prophecies of The Nine: Entasy: Prequel (Adult, Paranormal Romance)
The Prophecies of The Nine: Redemption: Book 1 (Adult, Paranormal Romance)

C. J. Brightley (Blog)
Erdemen Honor: The King's Sword: Book 1 (Fantasy)
Erdemen Honor: A Cold Wind: Book 2 (Fantasy)

Caitlyn Nicholas (Blog)
Pursuit (Romance, Suspense/Thriller)

Catherine Stine (Blog)
Fireseed One: Book 1 (Science Fiction, Suspense/Thriller, Futuristic)
Ruby's Fire: Book 2 (Science Fiction, Suspense/Thriller, Futuristic)

Cathrina Constantine (Blog)
Wickedly They Come (Young Adult, Supernatural, Fantasy)

Charlotte Abel (Blog)
The Sanctuary Series: River's Recruit: Book 1 (Paranormal Romance)
The Sanctuary Series: Down the Rabbit Hole: Short Story (Paranormal Romance)
The Channie Series: The Gathering: Book .5 (Paranormal Romance)
The Channie Series: Enchantment: Book 1 (Paranormal Romance)
The Channie Series: Taken: Book 2 (Paranormal Romance)
The Channie Series: Love Hurts: Book 2.5 (Paranormal Romance)
The Channie Series: Finding Valor: Book 3 (Paranormal Romance)

Cindy C Bennett (Blog)
Enchanted Fairytales: Beautiful Beast: Book 1 (Short Story, Fantasy)
Enchanted Fairytales: Red and the Wolf: Book 2 (Short Story, Fantasy)
Enchanted Fairytales: Snow White: Book 3 (Short Story, Fantasy)
Enchanted Fairytales: The Unmasking of Cinderella: Book 4 (Short Story, Fantasy)
Enchanted Fairytales: The White Swan: Book 5 (Short Story, Fantasy)
Enchanted Fairytales: A Short Story Collection of Untold Fairytales (Short Story Collection, Fantasy)
In the Beginning (Short Story, Rmance)
Watched (Short Story, Horror)
Rapunzel Untangled
Geek Girl
Heart on a Chain
Immortal Mine

Cindy Young-Turner (Blog)
Thief of Hope (Fantasy)

Cole Knightly (Blog)
Portrait of a Ghost (Horror)
Creep (Horror)

Constance Phillips (Blog)
Resurrecting Harry

Corey M. LaBissoniere (Blog)
Land of Enchantas (Young Adult, Fantasy)

D.H. Aire (Blog)
RealLies (Fantasy)
Flights of Fantasy: Volume 1 (Fantasy)
Highmage's Plight: Book 1 (Fantasy)

Dan O'Brien (Blog)
The End of the World Playlist
The Journey
The Path of the Fallen
Cerulean Dreams

Dana Mansfield (Blog)
Sunset Park

Daniel Alexander (Blog)
Beginner's Success in Public Speaking
Through the Crimson Mirror

Daniel Sherrier (Blog)
RIP: Touch: Book 1 (Only $.99 during BBF!)
Earths in Space: Where Are the Little Green Men? Book 1
BBF posting Schedule:
  • Tuesday, July 23, I will host C.J. Brightley
  • Thursday, July 25, I will host Margaret Taylor

Danielle E. Shipley (Blog)
The Wilderhark Tales: The Swan Prince: Book 1
BBF posting Schedule:
  • Monday, July 22nd = Eliza Tilton
  • Tuesday, July 23rd = Megan S. Johnston
  • Thursday, July 25th = Liss Thomas

Dawn Chandler (Blog)
The Dark Books: The Dark Lady: Book 1

Dawna Raver (Blog)
Heirs of the Magykal Realm: Color Weilders: Book 1

Delancey Stewart (Blog)
Wine Country Romance Series: A Rare Vintage: Book 1
BBF Posting Schedule
  • 7/22: Penelope Reece
  • 7/23: Reese Ryan
  • 7/24: Kiru Taye
  • 7/25: Sydney Logan and M. Pax
  • 7/26: Alexandria Rhodes
  • 7/27: Emily Mah Tippetts

Don Wooldridge (Blog)
The Secrets of Clayton County Trilogy: The Secrets of Clayton County: Book 1
The Secrets of Clayton County Trilogy: New Beginnings: Book 2

Doug "Ten" Rose (Blog)
Fearless Puppy on American Road
Reincarnation through Common Sense

Drako (Blog)
The Dragon Hunters: The Lost Dragon: Book 1
The Dragon Hunters: The Dragon Witch: Book 2
The Dragon Hunters: Fatal Healing: Book 3
The Dragon Hunters: Heir of Mjolnir: Book 4

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