Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BBF Team! Open positions for volunteers!

As you all know, the BBF is growing and keeping up with it means I need help. That's right. I'm not afraid to ask for help when I need it. Below are two positions I have open for the BBF team. Email bloggerbookfair@gmail.com if you are interested in one of these positions. You must have enough time on your hands to donate to the event and you must be good with computers and preferably know about Google Drive, Blogger and the social media platforms I've listed in the first position.
Free, $.99 and Giveaway Management AKA Promo Management: You would be known as the Promotion Manager. I have already set up Google sign up forms for people to enter their free, $.99 and giveaway info. Your tasks would include managing the sign up forms (I will share them with you on Google Drive), using the information to update the corresponding pages on the BBF site, and using the social media platforms (Facebook page, Google+, Goodreads and coming soon: twitter) to promote these deals during the fair.
General Organization: You would be known as the BBF Assistant Organizer. I can not forsee all tasks that I may need help with and therefore, your tasks would be helping out when possible with participant organization, promotion, ad management and more. Nothing too crazy, just smaller tasks that I can delegate or larger tasks that I will need help with.

There is one more position: Event Management. This position has been filled and an announcement will follow after the other two positions are filled.
I wish I could afford to pay you if you decide to take on one of these positions, but I can't. So instead you will be included on the "About Us" page with links to you and your sites. There will also be space allowed on the side panel for a button leading to your blog.

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