Monday, February 4, 2013

A. Jarrell Hayes

A. Jarrell Hayes is the author of the mystery urban fantasy novel, Detecting Magic with Dick Hunter: The Mort Des Hommes Files. He is also the author of a short story collection, Popular Television which includes 17 stories. You can also add poet to his title as you check out his poetry in The Poets Are Dead? He also blogs at My Writing Life and will feature authors there during the fair.

Detecting Magic with Dick Hunter: The Mort Des Hommes Files:

What begins as a routine missing person case for Seattle's best private investigator, Dick Hunter, turns into a personal vendetta against a cruel murderer. The murderer, Mort des Hommes, happens to be a hell spawn possessing powerful magic.
In order to solve the case and avenge a death, Dick Hunter has to take a crash course in magic from the angelic Amie, and gather magical animal familiars in order to battle and defeat Mort des Hommes.

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Popular Television:

Edgy and disturbing, the 17 stories in this collection shine light on some of humanity’s darkest actions and thoughts—exposing them in graphic detail as if recorded on camera. Characters and stories too gritty for TV find life as literature. This mix genre collection, with tales of crime, horror, suspense, fantasy, and humor, gives the reader an experience similar to channel surfing, where each story is a different channel.

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The Poets Are Dead?

Part tribute to the dead, part celebration of the poetry of life, part affirmation of the god within us all, part homage to our eternal spirit.

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He will host these authors on his blog during the BBF:

SM Boyce
Jason Andrew Bond
Jade Kerrion

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