Monday, February 4, 2013

Pipit Di

Pipit Di is the author of The Time Machine: Seven of Wind Trillogy Book One. It is a science fiction and fantasy book and is available in Indonesian and English, read the blurb below. She will be hosting two authors on her blog too:

The Time Machine: Seven of Wind Trilogy Book One:

The first book tells the existence of a time machine, due to operating errors makes enemy descent, knight 7 of winds  from middle era  in the Samudra Land brought to  2264.

In 2264  the seven men born and raised in a good family , do not have a dream to be a superhero

seven of them descendants is of sky wind knight, not just the usual descent but they inherit skill from their ancestors, the skill is sky wind

Dhafa a young lawyer, Yusuf  was a doctor, because the prevalence of a thing he turning to IT, Dewo architect, De photographer, Reno former cop became farmers,  Yuv IT employees, and last Hudi, he is Doctor have been exposed illegal.

Seven of them met, for them  have  the power inherited  a fluke.

But when a school friend also client Dhafa named Randi was killed, and then a few days later they were challenged from Nagker  to finish the fight  making seven of them would not want to follow rules made Nagker.

whether Nagker relationship with Randi?, and how can stop working time machine ?

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She will be hosting these authors on her blog during the Blogger Book Fair:

No Write to Die by Tom Immins
Soul on Fire by John Forster

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