Monday, February 4, 2013

Isabella Sinclair

Isabella Sinclair is author of OLLY, a dramatic and erotic romance. You can read about it below. Se will also be hosting authors on her blog during the BBF.


Obsession. Lust. Yearning.
Olivia Rae has always dreamed of that once in a lifetime Love, but love makes you crazy.
It can push all your buttons, make you doubt yourself, and question the core of your beliefs.
Sometimes the quest for that elusive prize requires lots and lots of exploration
and when love doesn't seem possible, you hunting for the next best thing...

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She will also host these authors on her blog during the fair:

Feb 7th - Sherry Soule and SM Boyce
Feb 8th - Wynne Channing and Shannon McRoberts
Feb 9th - Kimberly Gould and Mindy Kilgrove
Feb 10th - Rachel McClellan and TM Franklin

There will also be giveaways, head to her blog for details!

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