Monday, February 4, 2013

Shannon McRoberts

Shannon McRoberts is the author of the fantasy novels in the Daughter of Ares Chronicles, the Science fiction novel The Secret of Genetic Corp X, and the crossover novel that bridges the two previously mentioned, Worlds Collide. She is also the author of the poetry book, Erosion of the Heart. Read about all these below. She will also be hosting authors on her blog during the fair.

Daughter of Ares Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy:

Athine has long been told she was the chosen one. Only problem is she doesn't want to be chosen for anything; she wants her own adventures. She gets her chance when she learns that her new powers allow her to kill other immortals.

Follow Athine from the beginning as she learns about her heritage and being an immortal born. See how she interacts with some notable immortals such as Zeus, Hera, Odin, and Morrigan. Learn about the origins of the vampire and what happened to the dragons!

This edition is one that contains all three "Athine Verses" stories under one title.

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Book 1
Book 2
Book 3

The Secret of Genetic Corp X:

My name is Zarra Jane, or at least that is what I am told. I have no recollection of that name or the face in the mirror. I only know who I am by what I am told by others. I know sociology mandates that one defines self through others—but this is ridiculous. I keep hoping that I’ll wake up from this nightmare.

Genetic Corp X is one of the world's premier tissue and organ cloning centers. Medical breakthroughs of all kinds have originated from the work done at the facility. Zarra Perez was their lead research scientist on her way to curing Alzheimer's disease--until a nearly fatal accident left her with no personal memories or sense of self.

Her father and husband want her to return to the life they say she had before her accident. However, even with no sense of personal identity, Zarra isn't content to allow others to dictate her life while she waits on her memories to come back. In her desperate search to remember show she is, Zarra uncovers the horrible truth about Genetic Corp X. Now she is faced with a moral dilemma that could result in her own death.

Join Zarra in her search for her lost memories and find out what the secret of Genetic Corp X really is!

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Worlds Collide: A Crossover Novella:

The N'Loron is only days away from breaking in Athine's world. Strange beings are crossing over through the tears in the veil. Athine must choose between the stability of the N'Loron in her realm and her very life. Journey with Athine on her quest to fix the N'Loron. Will this be her last?

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Erosion of the Heart:

This is a collective book of poetry by Shannon McRoberts. This includes both new poetry and all of the poems found in "REMORDERE" and "Poetry for the Chronically Heart Broken and Depressed". All of these titles were previously only available in paper back, but now they are available here for Kindle!

**As of October 2012 this is an updated version with additional, previously unreleased poems!**

Available Now

She will host these authors on her blog during the fair:

Kathleen Lutter
Kirstin Pulioff
Kyra Dune
SJ Byrne
J.M. Cataffo

She will also hold giveaways, so check it out for details.

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