Monday, February 4, 2013

Alexandra Allred

Alexandra Allred is the author of Damaged Goods and the upcoming releases White Trash and Roadkill. All of them are Dramadies--a cross between drama and comedy--and are also mysteries. Alexandra has a brand new blog on which she will feature Tom Immins during the Blogger Book Fair. Here are the blurbs for her books:

Damaged Goods:

On paper, Marcus, Texas, looks like any other small town in Texas. Its landscape is charming, lifelong residents have a shared history, and business is booming. But soon after Joanna Lucas moves to town, she makes startling discoveries. Her next door neighbor had her leg gnawed off by a loose tiger, a beer-drinking emu lurks on her property, and her real estate agent neglected to mention that something in Marcus was making the residents very sick. While Joanna ponders hiring illegal immigrants to work on her newly acquired but dilapidated house, others are wondering about Joanna. Is she the one? Could she be the outsider they have been looking for to turn things upside-down and reveal the ugly truth?

With such heavy topics as corporate greed, industrial pollution, illegal immigrants, and corrupt politicians, only the residents of Marcus could make Damaged Goods a comedy. Prepare to cheer and laugh out loud as they fight city hall!

Available Now
The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House (On Sale for $4.99 during BBF!)

White Trash:

When Thia Franks returns to her hometown of Granby, Texas, the very place to which she’d vowed never to return, Granby’s worst and best elements force the new single mother to face both her past and her destiny. At first, it seems that nothing has changed: Chester Kennedy’s goats continue to run rampant through the town, Officer Tina Wolfe stands accused of racial profiling the growing Hispanic community, Thia’s gun-wielding neighbor believes a squirrel has it in for her, and the town’s local newspaper owner prints only what she believes the citizens should know. But when a young black man–-an upstanding and popular citizen of the small, east-central Texas town–-is brutally murdered, everything changes. Everyone is being watched. Everyone is being judged.

Coming July 2013!


A Dramatic Murder Mystery Comedy. Coming August 2013!

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