Monday, February 4, 2013

J. M. Cataffo

J. M. Cataffo is the author of Sally Singletary's Curiousity. The novel is a sci-fi/fantasy mystery. He will be hosting other books and authors on his blog during the Blogger Book Fair, but before we get to that, read about his book:

Sally Singletary's Curiousity:


In this modern day Nancy Drew meets Fringe, Sally Singletary is faced with the strange disappearance of three students and a teacher. As chief editor for the school’s high-tech online newsletter, she’s determined to get the scoop on what’s really happening and what it means for the students at Hidden Lake Preparatory School. With the help of a little magic and few new friends, she discovers a scheme that’s far bigger than she could’ve ever imagined. Can this teen sleuth find a way to stop a plot that may have far-reaching consequences for all of mankind, or will Sally Singletary’s Curiosity lead to the end of humanity?

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He will be hosting these authors on his blog during the BBF:

Jade Kerrion
Kristin Pullioff
Ansha Kotyk
Kayla Curry

He will also be running a FREE promo for Sally Singletary's Curiousity on February 7th and 8th! After that, it will go back to $2.99, so hurry! 

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