Monday, February 4, 2013

Tuan Ho

Tuan Ho is the author of numerous short stories and one mind-blowing short story collection. He blogs at The Noif Matrix. Check out the blurbs below! He'll also be hosting a few authors on his blog including a fun post about what book some authors would take if they had to leave earth behind for a life in space.

NOIF: A Mind-Blowing Short Story Collection

NOIF is a collection of mind-blowing short stories that will expand your imagination.
The stories will move you, others will leave you laughing uncontrollably, and some will forever change your outlook of the universe.

Please remember to wear protective head gear before reading.
It may also cause irreversible damage to your psyche.
You have been warned.

There are seven stunning stories in the collection:

Give Me My Refund, Dickhead
The First and Last
A Star In Time
Reach For The Moon
The Tallest Man In The World
The Fastest Ship In The Galaxy
The Oldest Man In The Universe

Available Now

The Tallest Man in the World:

Sean Hummer, at a height of 5.4m (17ft) is the tallest man in the world and the greatest giraffe impersonator to ever live. When three perverted photographers intrude into his backyard, he retaliates by setting out on a dangerous payback mission. His thirst for revenge leads him to a disturbing and startling secret about himself, and the leaders who run the world.

The Tallest Man In The World is a wild ride that will shock readers and make them laugh till their guts hurt. It's a one-of-a-kind story that will be hard to erase from the memory banks once it's been read.

Available Now

The Oldest Man in the Universe:

Carlos Ricardo Miccapo is the oldest man in the universe and he's experienced all that life has to offer. When there is nothing left to explore and experience - is life worth living? His closest friends from across countless galaxies will find out as they gather for one last time at the edge of the universe.

The Oldest Man In The Universe is guaranteed to be one of the most profound and imagination-expanding stories you'll read in your entire life.

Available Now
Amazon (FREE During BBF!)

The First and Last:

The First and Last is a beautiful and mesmerizing story about George, a loving husband and father, a brilliant engineer and a man who spends his nights as an inventor. 
He's never sold any of his inventions until one day, he creates an invention that changes his life forever.

The First and Last is one of the most original and powerful stories you'll read all year.

Available Now

Reach for the Moon:

Little Jerry is sad because he is about to say goodbye to his father for the very last time.
And he does not know why, until one day while walking home from school, he meets a mysterious man. 

This strange man tells Jerry a thrilling tale about his father's daring quest to reach the moon by forming a human ladder. 
As Jerry listens, he will learn about his father's amazing talent and also a shocking revelation about the world he lives in.

Reach For The Moon is an enchanting and amusing fable that will touch your heart and leave you in awe with its wonderful ending.

Available Now

Tuan will be featuring these authors on The Noif Matrix during the Blogger Book Fair:

D. H. Aire, author of Highmage's Plight
Jacob Donley, author of a variety of short stories
Author Roberta Capizzi

Here's a message from Tuan about his FREE promo and discount:

During the BBF I'll be giving away my short story 'The Oldest Man In The Universe' for FREE since it will be running it's KDP promo.

I'll also be giving readers 50% off coupons for my larger short story collection. Visit The Noif Matrix for details!

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