Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blogger Book Fair Opening Post!

Well there is only a few hours til Blogger Book Fair officially starts, and that means posts are going to start popping up all over the blogosphere! Some posts have already gone live and that also means giveaways!!!

Here are some posts that have gone live:

Becca J. Campbell at Inspiration for Creation (Giveaway begins!)

J. M. Cataffo interviews Kirtin Pulioff

T. M. Franklin announces a sale on her novel MORE and an Amazon gift card giveaway!

Jami Gray announces the BBF and give you a sneak peak!

David J. Kirk has posted the Goodreads Giveaways for Particular Stones and Sandra Perez Gluschankoff's The Last Fernandez!

Sydney Logan has posted about her giveaway and a schedule for the authors she is hosting:

Shannon McRoberts has kicked off the BBF onher blog with a Guest Post from Jason Andrew Bond!

Kelly Miller has posted her Most Despised Mystery Cliches post. head over there and vote for the cliche that drives you crazy!

Rosanne Rivers has posted a giveaway of her novel, After the Fear!

Wendy Russo has posted a preview of what she'll be doing for the BBF!

The Reader Choice Awards polls will be going live later tonight, but there is a list of the categories on the Shut Up and Read blog.

Thomas Winship give you a sneak peak at what he'll be doing for the BBF

Kimberly Gould kicks off the BBF with a giveaway!

Check out this AWESOME prize Beck Sherman is giving away!

Jason Andrew Bond hosts Jade Kerrion

And, that's all I know about. If you're a participant and you've posted, feel free to leave links in the comments field!



  2. Ready. Set. Action!

    Exciting excerpts: