Monday, February 4, 2013

Brandon R. Luffman

Brandon R. Luffman is the author of The Card--a short story in the horror/occult genre. Read about it below! He will also be hosting books and authors on his blog during the BBF.

The Card:

When a strange tarot card appears in a friend's deck, Jason assumes it's just a prank done in poor taste. But, when terrible events befall those around him, he must face the possibility that something sinister is afoot.

Death is closing in, along with a suspicious detective who believes that Jason may be the killer he's stalking. With his life turned upside down, Jason finds that there are worse things to be hunted by than the authorities.

This 4,500 word short is a supernatural horror story in the spirit of the pulp era, but with a modern feel.

Available Now

He will be hosting these books and authors on his blog during the BBF: (Find the schedule below)

Paramourtal Anthology by Noree Cosper
Nocturnal Embers Anthology by Noree Cosper
Sub-Normal #1: Not the Norm by Becca Campbell
Sub-Normal #2: Unmasked Alloy by Becca Campbell
Tracer's Lament by Jacob Donley
The Colliding Empires: A Storm of Chaos by Jacob Donley
Tears of Blood by Jacob Donley
To Kill A King by Jacob Donley
Chronicles of a Rock Troll: New Beginning by Jacob Donley
Chronicles of a Rock Troll: A Path of Justice by Jacob Donley
A Prescription for Delirium by Noree Cosper
Flight Of Dragons by Krya Dune
Time Of Shadows Series #1: Shadow Born  by Krya Dune
Shadow's Edge: Book 1 of the Kyn Kronicles by Jami Gray
Shadow's Soul: Book 2 of the Kyn Kronicles by Jami Gray
Thief of Hope by Cindy Young-Turner
Journey to Hope by Cindy Young-Turner
Cargon: Honour and Priviledge (Book 1) by Kimberly Gould
Cargon: Duty and Sacrifice (Book 2) by Kimberly Gould
Shadow Of The Dragon by Krya Dune
Elfblood Trilogy #1: Elfblood  by Krya Dune
Elfblood Trilogy #2: The Silver Catacombs by Krya Dune
Infernal Machines by Will Millar
Mortal Remains by Jason Andrew Bond
Hammerhead by Jason Andrew Bond
Foreign Identity BY Becca Campbell
Thickness of Blood by Kimberly Gould
Revamp by Beck Sherman

Here's his schedule:

February 7th:
Excerpt from Kimberly Gould and a Giveaway at 8am.
Interview with Becca J. Campbell  and a Giveaway at 12pm.

February 8th:
Guest post from Cindy Young-Turner at 8am
Interview with Beck Sherman and a Giveaway at 12pm
Interview with Kyra Dune at 4pm

February 9th:
Guest Post from Noree Cosper at 8am
Interview with Jason Andrew Bond at 12pm
Interview with Jami Gray and a giveaway at 4pm

February 10th:
Interview with Jacob Donley at 8am
Interview with Rebecca Hamilton at 12pm

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