Monday, February 4, 2013

Mindy Killgrove

Mindy Killgrove is the author of the women's fiction novel, Meet Me at the Pond. You can read the blurb below. She is also hosting authors on her blog during the BBF.

Meet Me at the Pond:

A long time ago, I believed in magic. I believed that people could levitate a wooden box. I believed that magicians could read minds. I even believed that little white doves could and would actually fly out of a sleek black scarf. I lost my appetite for magic the first time someone broke my heart. Naturally, it was not the first time that I had been heartbroken, but it was the first time that someone took my heart, tore it up, and danced on the little pieces. At that moment, I was no longer "Missy Lawrence: Believer of all things magical." No, no, at that moment, I became "Missy Lawrence: Most likely to fall for it every time."

Available Now

She will be hosting these authors on her blog during the Blogger Book Fair:

Brooklyn James
John Forster
SJ Byrne

There will also be a giveaway on her blog each day of the BBF.

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